Afghanistan’s poor people and rich resources

This video from the USA is called The Oil Factor – Why are we in Afghanistan? O-I-L.

From National Public Radio in the USA:

Tapping into Afghanistan’s Wealth of Gems

by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson

Afghanistan is one of the poorest nations in the world. Yet the mountains blanketing this central Asian nation hide one of the world’s biggest treasure chests. There are gemstones, precious metals, coal and even oil. But the Afghan minister of mines, Mohamad Ibrahim Adel, says 95 percent of his country’s natural wealth remains untapped. …

“Our strategy is that government will not invest in these sectors,” Adel said. “All of these sectors will be privatized.”

So, it is to be feared that most Afghans will remain poor, or will get even poorer as George W. Bush’s war rages. And that the riches of the natural resources will disappear into the pockets of a few Afghan and foreign businessmen.

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