New British stamps on bird conservation

This is a video of an avocet with its chick in Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, the Netherlands.

From Wildlife Extra:

New stamps celebrate bird conservation

Bird conservation success is the theme of a new set of ten stamps that has been issued by the Royal Mail [of Britain].

The ten stamps include four species (white-tailed eagle, avocet, marsh harrier and bittern) which were at once extinct in the UK, but now have rapidly-increasing populations. The remaining six species (Dartford warbler, peregrine, corncrake, cirl bunting, bearded tit and red kite [see also here]) are also doing well thanks to conservation effort. Alongside each photograph are two sets of population figures to highlight how close each of the birds came to extinction. These figures show the recovery of the species over time.

British Severn plans a threat to wildlife: here.

Hen harriers in Lancashire: here.

Red Kite Found Poisoned in Dumfries and Galloway: here.

Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning of Wildlife: here.

Sea eagles in Scotland: here.

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