US national parks hit by global warming

This video from the USA is called George Bush on Global Warming – Spoof by Will Ferrell.

US Bush administration not honest about environmental science: here.

From The Independent in Britain:

National parks hit by global warming

By Leonard Doyle in Washington

Published: 08 September 2007

The Bush administration has again been criticised for failing to tackle climate change, which is rapidly transforming America’s national parks, forests and marine sanctuaries.

Wildfires are flaring in Alaska, the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada. In Glacier National Park, where glacier numbers have fallen from 150 to 26 since 1850, the habitat of bighorn sheep, mountain goats and grizzly bears is vanishing.

Meanwhile, sea levels are rising around the low-lying Florida Keys and global warming is killing off the nation’s trees. Spruce bark beetles are chewing their way through Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula and the Chugach National Forest, while pine beetles are destroying red spruce woodlands. Non-native grasses have replaced native shrubs in the Mojave Desert, fuelling longer-lasting wildfires.

This week, the Government Accountability Office criticised the President for failing to show leadership in tackling the problems.


Australian comedians expose APEC security hysteria

This video is called APEC 2007 Sydney Australia – Protest.

By Patrick O’Connor:

Australian comedy team exposes APEC security hype

8 September 2007

A moment of absurdist satire in Sydney last Thursday exposed the farcical security measures imposed for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit as well as providing something of a popular rallying point for opposition to the military-police lockdown.

Members of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “The Chaser’s War on Everything” television program assembled a fake motorcade involving three vehicles with dark tinted windows, Canadian flags attached, accompanied by dark suited men walking alongside. They travelled the same route as the motorcades of dignitaries of 21 countries and drove through two police checkpoints, before entering the APEC “restricted zone”. Comedian Chas Licciardello, sitting inside one of the cars, was dressed as Osama bin Laden. Upon nearly reaching US President George Bush’s hotel, he leapt out of the car, the motorcade turned around, and the team gave themselves up.

Chris Taylor of “The Chaser” later told the Sydney Morning Herald there was no particular reason they chose Canadian flags. “We just thought they’d be a country who the cops wouldn’t scrutinise too closely, and who feasibly would only have three cars in their motorcade—as opposed to the 20 or so gas-guzzlers that Bush has brought with him.”

Haneef ‘terrorism’ case in Australia: here. Update April 2008: here. Update 1 August 2008: here.

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‘Anti terrorism’ in New Zealand: here; update 30 November 2007: here.

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House martins and roe deer

This is a video about De Stulp, Lage Vuursche, the Netherlands.

If, from the Dutch city of Hilversum, one goes south past the Wasmeer nature reserve, one arrives in another beautiful area, Lage Vuursche in Utrecht province.

There is much forest and heath there; eg, around De Stulp.

I heard many nuthatches calling today. Over the heath, many house martins and barn swallows flying together; preparing for autumn migration to maybe as far away as South Africa. Some swallows sat down on leafless tree branches.

Also, buzzard and jay.

De Stulp photos: here.

Still a bit more to the south, the Pluismeer lake is a nature reserve closed to the public. However, there is a hide with a view of the lake. Today, I saw a dabchick swimming there (or, maybe a black-necked grebe; it was far away, and both species occur at this lake). There were two roe deer as well.

Birds in the Netherlands: here.

New British stamps on bird conservation

This is a video of an avocet with its chick in Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, the Netherlands.

From Wildlife Extra:

New stamps celebrate bird conservation

Bird conservation success is the theme of a new set of ten stamps that has been issued by the Royal Mail [of Britain].

The ten stamps include four species (white-tailed eagle, avocet, marsh harrier and bittern) which were at once extinct in the UK, but now have rapidly-increasing populations. The remaining six species (Dartford warbler, peregrine, corncrake, cirl bunting, bearded tit and red kite [see also here]) are also doing well thanks to conservation effort. Alongside each photograph are two sets of population figures to highlight how close each of the birds came to extinction. These figures show the recovery of the species over time.

British Severn plans a threat to wildlife: here.

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