Rare warm water fish in Dutch waters

This is a video of two bar sea bream from the western Indian ocean.

From the paper edition of Dutch daily Leidsch Dagblad, 5 September 2007:

Texel– In a fish-trap of the Dutch institute for marine research (Nioz), this week four young gilt-head sea bream were caught. This is a first. The fish-trap was in the Marsdiep, on the border between North Sea and Wadden Sea.

The gilt-head sea bream … is a subtropical fish species, frequently found in the Mediterranean. … The specimens caught near Texel were about 13 centimeter long and still young. Adults grow to about 70 centimeter long.

Nioz researchers more and more often are catching southern fish species. This spring, for the first time a pilchard, also subtropical, was caught in the Marsdiep. Also, eleven black sea breams were caught in the Nioz fish-traps. Also, the European sea bass used to be rare; however, now it is common along the Dutch coast. Nioz spokesperson J. Boon supposes that the rising sea water temperatures, a consequence of climate change, play a main role in this.

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