How king snakes eat larger snakes, videos

This video from the USA is called JCE Coral Snake vs Scarlet King Snake.

From LiveScience, about North American snakes:

How Does a Snake Swallow a Larger Snake?

How the common king snake can ingest other snakes that equal or exceed its own length was long a mystery. But scientists now think they know some of the reptile’s super-sizing tricks.

Snake jaws, by the way, are unlike those of other animals in their ability to open wide to swallow big fat things, too.

Kate Jackson of the University of Toronto and colleagues used an array of video and still images to get a play-by-play look at king snakes (Lampropeltis getulas) as they devoured corn snakes (Elaphe guttata) that were at least as long.

1. After the king snake constricted and subdued its prey, it began the exhaustive “transport cycle,” to get the slithering snack into its belly. Called a pterygoid walk, the king snake opened up its jaw and alternately ratcheted toothy parts of its upper jaw over the surface of the prey, in turn “walking” its mouth over and around the prey.

Thermal biology of a colour-dimorphic snake, Elaphe quadrivirgata, in a montane forest: do melanistic snakes enjoy thermal advantages? See here.

Corn Snake Elaphe guttata: here.

Not so rare snakes: a revision of the Geophis sieboldi group (Colubridae: Dipsadinae) in lower Central America and Colombia: here.

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