Why Egyptians, not aliens, built the pyramids

This video is called Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: Great Pyramid of Giza.

From Egyptology News:

Margaret Maitland has updated her Egyptology blog with an argument in favour of pyramid construction theories that exclude the need for explanations that require alien intervention. It is an excellent summary, complete with diagrams and a short bibliography – and has attracted 17 comments so far. Here’s a short extract from her introduction to the post:

“Once I was actually asked in all seriousness for my professional opinion on whether alien[s] build the pyramids. The man said: ‘There’s so much discussion of the alien theory that there must be something to it, right?’. Well, my short answer would be, ‘No. There isn’t anything to it at all.’ My longer answer will follow, with a thorough dissection of the central arguments of the alien theory and why they are wrong. I think the main reason the theory is so popular is that people like to believe in things, things that are much bigger than themselves, whether it’s god or aliens. But often people also want proof and they seek to find it in the pyramids and other ancient monuments. It’s no wonder that the pyramids are incredible enough that they inspire people to believe the unbelievable. I myself don’t think there’s anything wrong with postulating that there might be other life out there in the universe, but I also don’t believe in robbing humanity of pride in its achievements.”

See this page for the complete post.

Fox News Reports that Aliens May Have Built the Pyramids of Egypt! Here.

Pyramid of Menkaure: here.

Napoleon’s Scientists and the Pyramids: here.

Egyptian influence in ancient Palestine: here.

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