The fossil crocodile Sarcosuchus

This 2017 video is called Paralititan vs Sarcosuchus.

From The Independent in South Africa:

Ancient crocodile was longer than tourist bus

August 31 2007 at 02:17AM

Pierrelatte, France – As long as a tourist bus and with jaws big enough to pick up a cow, “Sarcosuchus imperator” lived 110 million years ago and was surely the biggest, meanest crocodile to ever roam the Earth.

This week its scales-and-blood likeness was unveiled by the man who first identified and named the amphibious predator based on fossil remains found in Niger more than 40 years ago.

“It is impressive to finally see this animal in the flesh – excuse me, I mean in resin,” said a smiling Philippe Taquet, a paleontologist at the Museum of Natural History in Paris.

Measuring 12m from snout to tail, and weighing in at 10 tons, Sarco – as the beast is known among dinosaur buffs – undoubtedly chomped on big fish and small dinosaurs, dragging them into the tropical rivers that once criss-crossed what is today the Sahara.

The reconstruction of the animal by the French company Ophys required 1 800 hours of work and 750kg of resin, and was undertaken under the watchful eye of paleontologist France de Lapparent de Broin, who co-authored with Taquet the first scientific article on Sarco in 1966.

Sarco’s new home will be the Crocodile Farm, an wildlife park with 400 of the pre-historic reptile’s modern cousins, along with an assortment of giant turtles. – Sapa-AFP

Nigersaurus taqueti was a contemporary of Sarcosuchus.

This video is called Giant [Saltwater] Crocodile Caught in Philippines.

25 thoughts on “The fossil crocodile Sarcosuchus

  1. Giant crocodile fossil found in Cuba

    Posted : Tue, 08 Sep 2009 18:02:41 GMT
    Author : DPA
    Category : Science (Technology)

    Havana – Cuban scientists have found a fossil of a 10-metre- long crocodile that lived more than 20 million years ago. These are the first fossils found on the island of this reptile, which lived in the Miocene period, Alejandro Romero Emperador, a member of Cuba’s Speleological Society, told the local news agency Prensa Latina on Tuesday.

    The fossils were found in the spillway of Zaza dam, Cuba’s largest reservoir, in the central province of Sancti Spiritus.

    Romero Emperador said the remains were found along with those of aquatic mammals known as dugongs. They were exposed by the water’s erosion of the soil.

    The expert noted that other fossils of gigantic animals have also been found in the area, although the species to which they belong is yet to be determined.


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