Seven new butterfly species in English nature reserve

This video was filmed at the butterfly garden in Waalre, the Netherlands: the Comma butterfly (Polygonia c-album).

From Wildlife Extra:

Seven new butterflies recorded at National Trust site in ten years

August 2007. The limestone hills around the National Trust’s Arnside Knott and Silverdale properties on the Lancashire/Cumbria border have been witnessing a remarkable butterfly ‘invasion’.

In less than a decade, no less than seven species of butterfly new to the area have begun colonising the sites, as climate change and changing habitat affect their traditional distribution.

One of the best known areas for butterflies in the country, more than half of all the species of butterfly in the UK can now be found in this area. There are now 34 species of butterfly found at Arnside Knott and Silverdale.

The seven butterflies that have arrived in Arnside and Silverdale in the last decade include:

* The Speckled Wood, which is now widespread and locally common throughout, both sides of the estuary;
* The Gatekeeper, has just arrived and present in small colonies all over Arnside Knott and Silverdale;
* The Ringlet arrived at Gait Barrows and other places around Silverdale this summer in numbers;
* The Comma is now diffuse throughout the region.
* The Silver-washed Fritillary exploded in the Witherslack woods, north of the estuary, in the early 1990s and is now appearing south of the river;
* The White-letter Hairstreak was first seen at Silverdale in 1983, then vanished, and is now back again properly at a number of sites;
* The Small Skipper is colonising lots of grassy places around Arnside Knott and Silverdale.

Management of calcareous grasslands for Nickerl’s fritillary (Melitaea aurelia) in Germany: here.

August 2011. A survey of ash trees in east Worcestershire organised by West Midlands Butterfly Conservation has so far confirmed four new trees used by the nationally rare brown hairstreak butterfly: here.

Brown hairstreak butterflies found on 6 Worcestershire reserves: here.

Huge increase in butterfly numbers on Worcestershire reserve: here.

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