Butterflies and blackberries

In this video

A Red Admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta) emerges from its chrysalis and expands its wings, in time lapse.

Today, in the nature reserve.

Blackberries, some of them ripe.

Five speckled wood butterflies, some in mating flight.

Later, a red admiral.

Barn swallows flying over the meadow.

Blackberries good for biodiversity: here.

1 thought on “Butterflies and blackberries

  1. Longing

    Wednesday 25 November 2009

    edited by John Rety

    by Lisa Kelly

    Blackberries more red than black, unripe yet
    past their best in the weak October sun lack
    promise. Do I risk tearing flesh to get
    fruit so out of season? I think back
    to the girls who picked close to eight pounds,
    their bare brown arms, unhurried pleasure.
    So easy for them. Eight bag-bursting pounds,
    washed, mixed with sugar in equal measure,
    heated, stirred, cooled, jarred and set to sustain
    through alll the sharp winter. An endeavour
    I leave too late perhaps. Clouds threaten rain,
    but I will labour, push back thorns, chance weather,
    strip this bush bare trying for such sweetness,
    rest only when I expect a belly’s fullness.

    Lisa Kelly is a freelance mother of two children.



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