Racism in Britain today

This video is called Racism Against Muslims in Britain.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Shameful prejudice

(Sunday 26 August 2007)

The End of Tolerance by Arun Kundnani
(Pluto Press, £15.99)

CHRIS SEARLE digs out the roots of the new breed of racism in Britain today in Arun Kundnani’s must-read new release.

I had been reading Arun Kundnani’s epochal account of racism in modern Britain on a Sheffield bus, a few minutes before a young Bangladeshi woman wrote the following sentences in my class. They seemed to illustrate so much that Kundnani had written.

“After the September 11 attacks in the US, things for a lot of people, especially for Muslims, were very scary.

“We were being blamed for the bombings. The following day after the terrible event, I was on the bus, sitting down quietly, when all of a sudden I started getting abuse from a few other people, just because I had a headscarf on and I was a Muslim.

“They were calling me ‘stupid Paki;’ ‘fucking terrorist’ and other stuff. I felt hurt and angry.”

I use the bus to travel to work to read and reflect. Not so for this young woman. Her morning travelling experiences were very different.

The expression of racism changes as its provocations change.

Behind these provocations and incidents on our streets and public transport lie not just the irrational responses to atrocities such as September 11 and the attacks on the Tube.

In his introduction to Kundnani’s book, A Sivanandan reminds us that “it is state racism, which, through its laws, administrative edicts and judicial decisions, fosters institutional racism and shapes popular racism.”

Kundnani begins by surveying the new landscape of imperialism, which, as in all eras, succours racism.

He reminds us that, through the deformed parentage of globalisation and the so-called war on terror; the transnational corporations have granted themselves “unfettered power over most of the world’s national economics;” while the most powerful of Western governments “openly intervene anywhere in the world.”

Racist Stephen Lawrence murder: new forensic clue: here.

A retired police constable and a police staff member have been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice after claims that evidence was hidden from the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry: here.

Two men are to stand trial accused of being part of a racist white gang that “targeted and killed” black teenager Stephen Lawrence because of the colour of his skin, the appeal court said today: here.

Class in Britain today: here.

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