Music video of Redbone, Wounded Knee

This music video is of the native American band Redbone, with their song [We were all wounded at] Wounded Knee.

This single was number one in the Dutch charts, and other European charts, in 1973.

It might have charted in the USA then as well.

But it was never released as a single in the USA.

Wikipedia writes:

In 1973 Redbone released the politically oriented “We were all wounded at Wounded Knee”, recalling the massacre of Lakota Sioux Indians by the Seventh Cavalry in 1890. The song ends with the subtly altered sentence “We were all wounded by Wounded Knee”. The song reached the number one chart position across Europe but didn’t chart in the USA where it was initially withheld from release and then banned by several radio stations.

The lyrics are here.

Native Americans and supporters are furious after Trump casually referred to the Wounded Knee massacre, which killed hundreds of unarmed people, to make a racist dig at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

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