Fossil bee and orchid discovered

This video is called Baltic Amber: The Living Gemstone Part I.

This is Part II.

This is Part III.

From Leiden university in the Netherlands:

A piece of amber, millions of years old, including a pollen covered bee, will reveal its secrets. Dr. Barbara Gravendeel discovered the first orchid fossil, and will report about that in Nature of Thursday 30 August.

ScienceDaily (June 15, 2010) — The world’s oldest known example of a fig wasp has been found on the Isle of Wight. The fossil wasp is almost identical to the modern species, proving that this tiny but specialized insect has remained virtually unchanged for over 34 million years: here.

Ancient Bees Were Voracious Snackers on Their Pollen-Gathering Treks. Fossils from Germany could help researchers better understand modern bee eating habits and better protect the beloved pollinators: here.

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