UK: Brown continues Blair’s policies against Chagos islanders’ rights

This video is called Chagos: The Never-Ending Struggle.

From British daily News Line:

Brown refuses to meet Chagossians

The News Line is pleased to publish two important letters. These concern the decision of the Court of Appeal to uphold the decision of the High Court that the Chagos Islanders should have the right to return to the outer islands of the group, and the decision of the Brown government to continue with a third appeal against this decision, this time to the House of Lords.

The first letter is from the Chagos Islands Community Association to Prime Minister Brown and was delivered to Downing Street on June 29 just days after he took office as Premier:

Update 1 July 2008: here.

4 thoughts on “UK: Brown continues Blair’s policies against Chagos islanders’ rights

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