Great egret and marsh harrier

This is a video of a juvenile marsh harrier at Grove Ferry, Kent, UK; 30th September 2006.

Today, to nature reserve Westbroekse zodden.

The sign before it talked about bitterns and purple herons. However, both these species are good at hiding behind reedbeds; and purple heron migration to Africa has already started. So, we did not see any of those two species.

The sign also mentioned the large marsh grasshopper. We saw quite some grasshoppers which we thought were large marsh grasshoppers. Though, not being a real grasshopper expert, I cannot be sure.

Also, quite some blue-tailed damselflies. Grey lag geese, and barn swallows, flying overhead.

Adult great crested grebes swimming with juvenile ones. A great egret sitting in a tree. Later, another one; or the same one again?

People whom we meet say they have seen a <scorpion fly, Panorpe germanica. Scorpion flies: here.

We see a small tortoiseshell butterfly.

And a marsh harrier flying overhead.

Herons of Singapore: here.

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