New national park in Patagonia, Argentina

This video is called Magellanic Penguins at Punto Tombo, Argentina.

From Wildlife Extra:

Huge new Coastal National Park to be created in Argentina

August 2007. The New York Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society has announced that the government of Argentina is to create a new marine park along its isolated and windswept Patagonia coast to safeguard more than half a million penguins and other rare seabirds. Located in Golfo San Jorge, the new protected area covers around 250 square miles of coastal waters and nearby islands strung along almost 100 miles of shoreline. …

The new park serves as a nesting and feeding ground for around 250,000 pairs of Magellanic penguin, estimated to represent 20 percent of the world’s population. The park includes more than 40 small islands, which support the only two nesting colonies of southern giant petrels on the Patagonian coast, as well as the only colonies of Southern American fur seals. Other denizens of this coastal oasis include the endangered Olrog’s gull, the white-headed steamer duck, and almost a quarter of all imperial and rock cormorants that nest in Argentina.

Australian fur seals: here.

10 thoughts on “New national park in Patagonia, Argentina

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    temperate forests, for 50 years of electricity; please let
    supposedly environmentally responsible Home Depot know they
    should not be doing business with the project’s primary
    Chilean advocate

    One of Chile’s last true pristine and intact wildernesses is
    to be dammed and logged to provide hydroelectricity. The dams
    — two on the Baker River and three on the Pascua River —
    would irretrievably damage Patagonia, one of the Earth’s
    wildest and most beautiful places. The HidroAysén project
    will flood river valleys containing several thousand hectares
    of ancient primary forests. The project’s transmission line
    would require extensive clearcutting of additional pristine
    Chilean native forests, clearing more than a 1,500-mile swath
    that will impact fourteen national parks and wilderness

    Shockingly, the main Chilean project proponent — the Matte
    Group — does extensive business with U.S. mega-corp Home
    Depot, broadly perceived as being “green”. In consultation
    with International Rivers, Ecological Internet is working to
    get the Matte Group to withdraw from the project by
    highlighting their business interests with Home Depot. Please
    challenge Home Depot to live up to their green image on Earth
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