British soldiers leave forces because of Iraq and Afghanistan wars

This video from Britain is called Military Families Against the War Peace Camp – 22nd & 23rd September 2006; with singing by Peggy Seeger.

US bombs kill and wound British soldiers in Afghanistan: here.

From the (Conservative) British Daily Telegraph:

UK troop numbers fall in Armed Forces crisis

By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent

Last Updated: 7:32am BST 24/08/2007

The military is in the grip of a personnel “crisis” as figures showed yesterday that a substantial number of troops have left in the past three months. …

The Royal Air Force is suffering a major shortfall. With continuous operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are worries that the constant strain of overseas tours could “break” the Services.

The latest quarterly figures show that the RAF is more than 2,500 short of a requirement of 45,000 personnel. More than 1,000 have left since the last figures were produced in April. …

All three instructors teaching pilots to fly Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft have resigned at RAF Kinloss. No instructor will be available until the end of the year. Fourteen aircrew from the base died over Afghanistan when their ageing Nimrod MR2 crashed last year.

Hercules pilots, who work one month on, one off, during operations, are suffering. One senior flier said: “My wife told me either get another job or we divorce.”

Families have also been affected by repatriation ceremonies for dead Servicemen at RAF Lyneham.

A source at the Wiltshire base said it seriously impacted on morale each time a hearse went past wives at the station’s creche.

Casualty rates in Iraq and Afghanistan have soared this year, with 67 deaths and hundreds of wounded. Rates for front-line units in Afghanistan are now thought to have passed Second World War levels. …

As with the Army and Navy, the decision has been taken to cut numbers at a time when the military is at its highest operational tempo in 50 years.

Because of “technical problems” the MoD will be unable to publish the Army’s figure for another three months.

But the latest available, from April, show the force was 3,350 soldiers short – the equivalent of six battalions – although it had a surplus of 900 officers. Despite the manning problems, four battalions were axed last year.

The Navy is almost 2,000 sailors short of the required strength of 36,700.

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