British government suppressed evidence on torture of Iraqi prisoners

This video is called Naked Torture: Sex main tool of British interrogation in Iraq?

From British daily The Guardian:

Lawyers accuse MoD of retaining evidence on abused Iraqi detainees

· Legal team wants data on death of Baha Mousa
· High court urged to force army to reveal documents

Richard Norton-Taylor

Wednesday August 22, 2007

Lawyers representing the families of Iraqis detained by British soldiers yesterday accused the Ministry of Defence of suppressing crucial information about the circumstances surrounding their mistreatment, including advice given to senior army officers.

They have asked the high court to issue a new order requiring the MoD to disclose all relevant documents about the death of Baha Mousa, a Basra hotel receptionist who suffered 93 injuries and died while in British custody in 2003, and the abuse of 10 other Iraqi civilians.

Hillary Clinton and the Iraq war: here.

Basra update October 2007, here.

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