Seven-year-old Muslim boy stopped in US three times on suspicion of being a terrorist

This video from the USA is Press Play – A short film about paranoia.

Not just famous Egyptologists may be considered to be terrorists in the USA today …

From the Daily Mail in Britain:

Seven-year-old Muslim boy stopped in US three times on suspicion of being a terrorist


Last updated at 10:41am on 20th August 2007

For seven-year-old Javaid Iqbal, the holiday to Florida was a dream trip to reward him for doing well at school.

But he was left in tears after he was stopped repeatedly at airports on suspicion of being a terrorist.

The security alerts were triggered because Javaid shares his name with a Pakistani man deported from the US, prompting staff at three airports to question his family about his identity.

The family even missed their flight home from the U.S. after officials cancelled their tickets in the confusion. And Javaid’s passport now contains a sticker saying he has undergone highlevel security checks. …

His father Nadeem Iqbal, 48, a consultant anaesthetist, said: “My son is psychologically traumatised by this experience and said he doesn’t want to fly to America again.

“The problem seems to be isolated to the US because this did not happen when we visited Tenerife. We don’t want to have to experience anything like this again.”

Javaid’s parents, who moved to Blackburn from Saudi Arabia in 2002, are now considering changing their son’s name.

I am afraid that if Javaid’s parents will take this drastic step, some paranoid bureaucrat somewhere will in the meantime have put the little boy’s new name on some “terrorist” list, and the lunacy will start again.

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