Half of British soldiers in Afghanistan injured

This video is from the USA: ‘More than 73,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have been diagnosed with possible mental health conditions. Sharyn Alfonsi tells the story of one Marine who didn’t get the help he needed.’

From British weekly The Observer:

Shock toll of British injured in Afghan war

· Half of frontline troops ‘patched-up’
· Senior officers fear exodus

Mark Townsend, defence correspondent

Sunday August 19, 2007

The human cost of the war in Afghanistan to British soldiers can be revealed today as figures show that almost half of frontline troops have required significant medical treatment during this summer’s fighting.

In a graphic illustration of the intensity of the conflict in Helmand province, more than 700 battlefield soldiers have needed treatment since April – nearly half of the 1,500 on the front line. The figures, obtained from senior military sources, have never been released by the government, which has faced criticism that it has covered up the true extent of injuries sustained during the conflict.

The New York Times and the war in Afghanistan: here.

8 thoughts on “Half of British soldiers in Afghanistan injured

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