Free flying birds and baby turtles in Rotterdam zoo

This video is called Slideshow Rotterdam Zoo (Blijdorp).

Today, to Rotterdam zoo.

At the entrance, free flying white storks have built a nest on top of the sculpted giraffe heads of the entrance gate.

There is a new big birdhouse about shorebirds and other migratory birds, going from the Netherlands to Africa. Including info about the house martin flying through Libya to South Africa.

The birds here include avocets, common curlews, ruff, redshanks, northern lapwings, spoonbills. And beautiful European bee-eaters.

Next to that birdhouse is a butterfly house, full of tropical butterflies. Also a cupboard with many pupas, from which two butterflies had recently freed themselves, flying around the cupboard.

Among the butterfly species here, Archeoprepona demophoon from Costa Rica. And zebra longwing.

A bit further, there is a colony of village weaver birds, busy building nests.

In the Oceanium, many fish, including sharks. Like bonnethead sharks, the smallest hammerhead sharks.

A bit further, there is a show of free flying birds. It is an experiment, not yet an official show, as the birds are not still quite used to the sound system, sounds from the audience, etc.

Contrary to other shows, here there were not just birds of prey and owls on show. The first bird shown by one male and one female falconer was a red-legged seriema. It attacked a plastic snake.

As second bird of today, a Harris’ hawk. Third, a barn owl. Fourth, a European eagle owl, flying very low over the spectators’ seats.

The fifth bird was the smallest of all, at only 84 gram, but arguably the most beautiful. This lilac-breasted roller from Africa caught larvae thrown into the air by the falconer.

The sixth bird was also from Africa. It was a female Von der Decken’s hornbill, named Hanna.

The last birds of today were black and red kites.

The animals in the hall for fish, reptiles, and amphibians included Japanese newts, Cynops ensicauda.

So far in 2007 in Blijdorp zoo, 122 young reptiles from 12 species have hatched. They include Roti island snake-necked turtles.

[UPDATE May 2011: Roti island snake-necked turtle born in Amersfoort zoo.]

And elongated tortoises. And radiated tortoises. And mata mata, of which the babies look live leaves floating in the mata mata river habitat.

The radiated tortoise (Geochelone radiata) could die out within the next 20 years unless drastic conservation measures are taken, say biologists from the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS): here. And here. And here.

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