8 thoughts on “Elvis Presley and the contradictions of music in US society

  1. Hi Kitty, I remember giving a lecture very similar to this article. I was scolding some young punks who didn’t like Elvis. I also lost the friendship of a former spart when I told him that I thought that Elvis made a greater contribution to the American left than Lenin. Americans have never really understood Lenin.

    What is Ian Birchall up to? I’ve been reading his ex wife’s defense of Zionism for years. She’s somewhere between pathetic and monstrous.

  2. Hi Jon, maybe you mean Julie Burchill, who used to write about punk as a teenager? She was never married to Ian Birchall (with a). I think she used to write her columns for the sake of shocking people; now, she has stopped writing them, to study theology.

  3. I thought she was trying to shock people when she dedicated her first book to Menachem Begin, but then she wrote a whole series of articles defending Israel’s policies in the occupied territories. I think she really went over to the dark side. What kind of theology is she studying?

  4. More on Julie Burchill here. As far as I know she is studying Church of England theology; unless she converted to eg, Roman Catholicism, which would be a surprise after her earlier sharp attacks on Roman Catholics.

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