Music gets sharks in the mood for love

This video is called zebra shark in Sipadan.

From British daily The Independent:

How do you make a shark mate? Play it Justin Timberlake

By Allan Hall in Berlin

Published: 08 August 2007

German scientists say sharks, long considered as just aquatic killing machines, apparently have feelings too and are more likely to mate if the right music is played to them.

James Last, Justin Timberlake and Salt-N-Pepa are among the artists who get the sharks in the mood for love beneath the waves but Britney Spears left them cold. …

Music is the food of love

Salt-N-Pepa Push It

The sharks in Speyer loved the song and 50 eggs of the cat sharks and dogfish have been seen.

Joe Cocker You Can Leave Your Hat On

A success in Timmendorf with 50 eggs of dogfish and hammerhead sharks.

James Last Traumschiff

Cat sharks in Dresden “got in the mood” and pursued females but there is no evidence of pregnancies yet.

Justin Timberlake Rock Your Body

Zebra sharks in Konstanz were seen to be “courting each other heavily”.

Where to watch sharks? See here.

Basking sharks of Cornwall: here. More basking sharks: here.

Angel Shark Pup Is First-ever Born In Captivity: here.

2 thoughts on “Music gets sharks in the mood for love

  1. Toy a whaling ship in shark’s clothing
    By DAVE BURGESS – The Dominion Post | Monday, 5 November 2007

    PHIL REID/ Dominion Post

    BAD TOY: Zoe Pearse, 11, left, and her sister Emma, 16, with the Mega Rig Shark Ship, which their mother says is a whaling ship in shark’s clothing.
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    An irate mother has bitten back at shops for selling a “shark ship” that encourages children to fire a plastic harpoon into the head of an oversized shark.

    Louise Pearse saw the Mega Rig Shark Ship advertised in a Toyworld catalogue delivered to her home in Paraparaumu Beach over the weekend.

    “There is no excuse they can give for that toy. They should apologise for even publishing the wretched thing in their catalogue, and certainly withdraw it from sale.”

    Mrs Pearse believes the toy, made by Mattel, is simply a whaling ship in shark’s clothing.

    “What are we going to get next? The Battered Seal Kit with realistic blood that squirts out when you hit it with a baseball bat?”

    Seeing the toy in the catalogue upset Mrs Pearse’s two children, particularly 11-year-old Zoe.

    “It is disgusting and horrible because whaling is wrong,” Zoe said. “Having a shark there was not nice either and I can’t imagine who would want to play with it.”

    The shark toy – made in China for children aged from four – swims against the legislative current that saw the Government pass legislation last year to protect the threatened great white shark in New Zealand waters.

    Forest and Bird spokeswoman Kirstie Knowles said the toy was “shameful” and went against a strong anti-whaling stance held by many in New Zealand.

    “I just appeal to the shops to recognise what this toy is and to recognise where New Zealand is in regards to whaling and protection of sharks. They should take it out of their stores.”

    Greenpeace spokeswoman Carman Gravatt was similarly dismayed.

    “Whether it is sharks or whales which are being harpooned … it has massive ramifications for the marine environment which is in a lot of trouble at the moment.”

    Toyworld Megastore franchise owner Phillip Bramley said the mailer was put together in good faith.

    “It is a Mattel toy that is sold in numerous countries throughout the world.

    “We take the lady’s concerns seriously but we need to dig into it more before I
    pass comment.”


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