Interview with Horace Panter of The Specials

This video is called A Message To You Rudy; by The Specials; from British TV program The Old Grey Whistle Test, Oct 1979.

Here is the 1960s original version, by Dandy Livingstone:

From British daily The Morning Star:

Once a Special, always special

(Tuesday 07 August 2007)

INTERVIEW: Horace Panter

INTERVIEW: HORACE PANTER of The Specials fame discusses his short-lived time at the top..

FEW long-disbanded groups still hold such a total reverence as The Specials. Originating in Coventry, this ska band sprang from the debris of punk during the turn of the ’80s and sang not only about dancing and enjoying yourself but also about poverty, unemployment and racism. …

“Jerry had had this master plan from when he was like 10 or 11 years old, but I don’t think that, without punk, it would have sounded like The Specials.

“I think it would have been just a quirky reggae band. I don’t think it would have been ska, because ska was our take on punking up reggae, making reggae faster.” …

Faced with a group of sieg-heiling youths at one particular show in Bracknell, near Reading, the band threw down their instruments, jumped off the stage and chased the offenders out of the building.

“On our return to the stage,” remembers Panter, “the crowd went crazy.

“I met a guy a few years ago who was at the concert and he said it was the most amazing thing he’s ever seen, the band jumping off stage and taking direct action like that.”

Byron Lee: Bandleader of the Dragonaires and Jamaica’s first ska export, dies: here.

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