UK: report on police killing of innocent Brazilian De Menezes

This video is called Why – Dedicated to Jean Charles de Menezes.

From British daily The Guardian:

De Menezes shooting: UK’s top anti-terror officer is singled out

· Final verdict on two-year saga
· Met chief Blair is cleared
· Report criticises Hayman

Sandra Laville, crime correspondent

Wednesday August 1, 2007

The country’s most senior anti-terrorist officer will be heavily criticised in an official report published tomorrow into the events surrounding the killing of an innocent Brazilian man in south London, the Guardian understands.

While Sir Ian Blair, the commissioner of the Metropolitan police will escape serious censure from the Independent Police Complaints Commission over his role, Andy Hayman, the overall head of counter terrorism and intelligence, is understood to have been singled out for being deliberately misleading.

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Roger Sylvester killing: here.

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