One rule for cannon fodder in Bush’s wars. Another rule for princes and ministers’ sons

In this video from the USA, ‘Max Blumenthal takes us on a hilarious and shocking tour of the College Republican National Convention, where the GOP’s next generation cheer on the war in Iraq, then make sorry excuses for why they can’t serve. Also featuring Tom DeLay, brainwashed evangelical youth, and moving interpretive dance by Blumenthal.’

You remember, Prince Harry of England, a soldier, was supposed to go to the war in Iraq?

And then, he did not go, as the government decided that the Iraq war was safe enough for non noble soldiers to go to; but not safe enough for blue blooded sons of the Prince of Wales and grandsons of the Queen of England?

Now, a similar case in Norway.

From PakTribune in Pakistan:

Defence Minister`s son not posted to Afghanistan

Monday July 30, 2007 (1922 PST)

OSLO: Defence Chief Sverre Diesen has decided that Defence Minister Anne-Grete Stroem-Erichsen`s son will not be posted to Afghanistan, for security reasons.

The Defence Chief is of the opinion that his presence would make his unit more vulnerable.

According to media reports, Diesen is also afraid that the minister`s son could be taken hostage.

Joachim Stroem-Erichsen is a lieutenant in the Norwegian Marine Corps, and has earlier served in Kosovo.

So, Mr Joachim Stroem-Erichsen and Prince Harry have privileges over other soldiers.

But at least, they are soldiers; contrary to total chickenhawks.

Dick “other priorities” draft dodger Cheney (see also here) is not fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq. Neither are Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh (see also here).

George W. Bush’s twin daughters prefer the sound of alcohol being poured into glasses to the sound of bullets in hot deserts; similarly to most other US young Republicans.

More Republican chickenhawks: Mitt Romney’s sons. More Romney: here.

3 thoughts on “One rule for cannon fodder in Bush’s wars. Another rule for princes and ministers’ sons

  1. Dead Prince Harry art designed to shock
    Article from: Reuters

    From correspondents in London

    October 06, 2007 06:31am

    CONTROVERSIAL American sculptor Daniel Edwards has done it again with a work depicting Britain’s Prince Harry, third in line to the throne, as having been killed in action in Iraq.

    The work “Iraq War Memorial: Death of Prince Harry” shows the Prince clad in Army uniform with a vulture at his feet and clutching a locket of his dead mother Princess Diana.

    The Daily Mail newspaper said Clarence House, the London home and office of Harry’s father Prince Charles, was outraged. But a spokesman for Clarence House declined to comment to Reuters.

    Trafalgar Hotel, where the work will go on show from next Thursday for three days as part of a contemporary art fair, also declined to comment on the work.

    It is the latest in a series of works by Mr Edwards that seem designed to shock and create controversy.

    Previous pieces have included a naked and crouching Britney Spears giving birth, Paris Hilton being autopsied and several severed heads.,22606,22540394-5005962,00.html


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