Update on white storks and other animals of Wassenaar

This is a video about the artificially built white stork nest in Warmond, the Netherlands.

This blog has already written before about the white stork nest on top of Oud Wassenaar castle in Wassenaar village.

While many stork nests in the Netherlands are human made, with old wheels on poles etc., this nest was built spontaneously by the birds themselves.

Originally, they had two chicks. However, rainy summer weather like this year is bad for stork chicks. So, only one of the two Wassenaar chicks apparently survived.

Now, it can fly and is almost as big as its parents, though still recognizable as a juvenile from its blackish, not yet red beak.

With its parents, it was looking today for food on a meadow where there were Canada and Egyptian geese as well. After some time, the three storks flew across the road, to land high on the nest on top of the castle.

A bit further, a hobby flying.

Other birds around here today were buzzard, robin, moorhen, great cormorant, wood pigeon, magpie.

Also, speckled wood butterflies. And dragonflies.

UPDATE 2 August 2007. Today, two adult and two juvenile storks flying there. So, also the second chick may have survived the rainy weather.

4 thoughts on “Update on white storks and other animals of Wassenaar

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