Fiji’s nurses strike against military junta

This video is called FIJI COUP – Behind Bainimarama’s Bluff.

“Fiji’s rogue military commander seized power on 5 December 2006. What was the real reason for the coup? Was it to stop a police investigation into the murder of five soldiers in the early hours of 3 November 2000?”

By Frank Gaglioti:

Fiji’s nurses strike in defiance of military junta

Fiji Nursing Association (FNA) members went on strike on July 25 to oppose a 5 percent pay cut and the axing of jobs by the lowering of the retirement age from 60 to 55 across the public sector. The nurses’ union leadership was compelled to call the strike despite concerted threats from the country’s military regime and the capitulation of most other public sector unions to the junta’s dictates.

The 1,676 nurses left only a skeleton staff to cater for emergencies. The nurses want the full restoration of the 5 percent pay cut. That the strike has occurred at all expresses widespread hostility to the junta’s austerity measures, which have placed the brunt of the nation’s economic crisis on the backs of working people.

Nurses are part of the country’s working poor and the pay cut is having a devastating impact on their already straitened living standards. In the 17 years to 2004, 65 percent of Fiji’s nurses, including many senior staff, left the country to get a better job abroad.

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Fiji trade unionist says military told him he would be killed if summoned to barracks again: here.

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