George W. Bush’s ‘new’ Iraq

This video is called US Soldiers Taunting Iraqi Children With Water Bottles.

“Here is a video which shows the U.S. Soldiers taunting Iraqi kids with water bottle while the children run after the car. One of the kid is shown continuously running to keep up with the car only to be laughed at by the soldiers.”

‘What will this generation of Iraqi children think about American democracy and freedom? Generations to come will hate Americans and the atrocities committed in Iraq. These children will never forget what they have seen, and no child should have to experience this. Ever.’

From this report by humanitarian organizations like Oxfam, some figures on George W. Bush‘s ‘new’ Iraq:

* 70% of the 26,5 million Iraqis do not have a working water supply; before the 2003 invasion, that was 50%
* Only 20% have working toilet equipment
* 30% of children suffer from lack of food or malnutrition
* 92% of children have learning disabilities
* 15% of Iraqis cannot afford to eat regularly

Juan Cole on this report: here.

See also here.

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Iraq war; legal or illegal? See video here.

Millions of Iraqi refugees: here.

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