Electricity in Bush’s ‘new’ Iraq so bad that Bush stops reporting on it

This video is called [Jewish-Iraqi] Dr. Dahlia Wasfi – Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation.

From AMERICAblog:

Electricity? What electricity?

by A.J. Rossmiller · 7/30/2007 10:01:00 AM ET

When something isn’t going how the Bush administration wants it to, its officials tend to use one of two ingenious methods of obfuscation: portray the issue mendaciously, or pretend it doesn’t exist. Apparently the wheel stopped at “doesn’t exist” last week, as the LA Times reports that the administration decided to stop reporting to Congress the status of electricity in Baghdad.

There are a few concrete indicators of quality of life in Iraq, including things like hours of electricity, waste (sewage) disposal, and amount of drinkable water. Electricity is a major one for several reasons. It indicates whether air conditioners are working (and let me say from personal experience that 130 degrees is no joke — I’d get violent if I had to live in that all summer), affects health and diet (because of refrigeration, or lack thereof), and it also has a tremendous impact on what little economy Iraq has left — imagine trying to run any kind of business with no power.

In the past several months, hours of power in Baghdad have gone from five to six per day to “an hour or two,” according to Ryan Crocker, our ambassador to Iraq.

Update October 2007, here.

Figures of US soldiers dying in Iraq: here.

6 thoughts on “Electricity in Bush’s ‘new’ Iraq so bad that Bush stops reporting on it

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