Dutch Rightist Christians censor BBC wildlife films

This video about manatees is from David Attenborough’s BBC TV series Life of Mammals.

From Dutch site NieuwNieuws:

The [Dutch] Evangelical Broadcasting Association (EO) has changed or deleted parts from a BBC wildlife series which included the evolution theory. The last part of the ten volume series The Life of Mammals, which is about apes and humans, has been totally kept out of the EO’s dvd’s.

This has been discovered by Gerdien de Jong, associate professor in evolution biology at Utrecht university. She watched the series at the BBC as well as at the Flemish public broadcasters Canvas and at the EO, and compared the dvd’s by the BBC and by the EO. De Jong put her conclusions at the web site evolutie.blog.com.

Videos, in Dutch, about the censorship by the EO here below; first, Part 1:

Part 2 is here [but has been blocked, February 2011].

Part 3 is here.

For English versions, see here.

BBC flagship Natural History Unit budget to be cut by a third: here.

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