Problems of intelligence quotient testing

This video from the USA is called Funny IQ Test.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Testing times for all

(Sunday 29 July 2007)

IQ: The Brilliant Idea That Failed by Stephen Murdoch
(Duckworth Overlook, £20)

GORDON PARSONS warns how an inadequate method of measuring intelligence still lives on in our education system through testing.

Are you a “moron,” an “imbecile” or an “idiot?” No, don’t stop reading indignantly, just check your IQ score. Between 50 and 70, between 25 and 50 and below 20 respectively are these denoted formal categories. Who knows, you may be a genius, up in the numerical stratosphere. A Mensa candidate.

These possibilities, however, would have been no joke in early 1920s US and even less funny in nazi Germany. They seized on primitive intelligence testing used to justify extensive legal sterilisation of the “feeble minded” in most US states and to institute mass extermination of all kinds of “undesirables” in Europe.

If you are reading this review, your very political orientation would probably have marked you for a frighteningly low quotient from Hitler’s psychologists.

2 thoughts on “Problems of intelligence quotient testing

  1. Dear Kitty, I am a psychologist living and working in Hilversum and I test children and students with IQ test, so that I can advice them how to effectively deal with (and survive) the education system. I know how to deal with the problem of intelligence testing and I know also about the 7 kinds of intelligence of Howard Gardner.


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