How Tony Blair helped Bush’s torture flights

This video from the USA is about extraordinary renditions – torture & disappearances.

From British weekly The Observer:

Revealed: MI5’s role in torture flight hell

· British source tells of betrayal to CIA
· ‘I was stripped and hauled to US base’

David Rose
Sunday July 29, 2007

An Iraqi who was a key source of intelligence for MI5 has given the first ever full insider’s account of being seized by the CIA and bundled on to an illegal ‘torture flight‘ under the programme known as extraordinary rendition.

In a remarkable interview for The Observer, British resident Bisher al-Rawi has told how he was betrayed by the security service despite having helped keep track of Abu Qatada, the Muslim cleric accused of being Osama bin Laden’s ‘ambassador in Europe’. He was abducted and stripped naked by US agents, clad in nappies, a tracksuit and shackles, blindfolded and forced to wear ear mufflers, then strapped to a stretcher on board a plane bound for a CIA ‘black site’ jail near Kabul in Afghanistan.

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