English flood victims protest against bonuses of flood control bosses

This video from England is called Gloucestershire Flooding 23/7/07.

From the British daily The Morning Star:

Bonus for failures

(Sunday 29 July 2007)

IT’S not really much of a surprise that residents of Gloucester were calling on Sunday for the top executives at the Environment Agency to hand back the enormous bonuses that they were recently awarded.

In fact, it would have been a surprise if they hadn’t been just a little brassed off.

After all, more than 340,000 people across Gloucestershire have been left without potable water for over a week, following a period when there was so much water that hundreds of homes and businesses in the region have been ruined by floods.

Granted, the bonuses were paid just prior to the massive flooding that hit huge areas of England.

But that doesn’t explain why they were paid at all, since their payment followed sharp criticism by the National Audit Office (NAO), which insisted that the agency had kept fewer than half the flood defences in high-risk areas up to scratch.

The NAO had reported that only 57 per cent of flood risk asset systems met their target condition and that the agency failed to achieve its target of 63 per cent during 2006/07.

It highlighted that only 46 per cent of asset systems protecting high-risk areas met their target condition.

It pointed out that, since 2001, the general conditions of assets had not improved significantly, with only 61 per cent of flood defence structures in good condition or better in 2007.

So, for an agency spokesman to defend bonuses of £24,000 on top of a salary of £163,00 for the chief executive and 10 per cent of their equally fat-cat salaries for her eight highest-placed henchmen on the basis that: “The Environment Agency’s bonuses are very modest compared to the public sector, not to mention the private sector, and our pay is also modest compared to both these sectors,” is just bloody insulting.

It will be seen as an abuse by people who have been forced to tow their elderly and infirm, their children and their possessions around in small boats through filthy, sewage-polluted floodwater and in the face of their basic services failing.

It must have seemed even more so when, immediately following the floods, Housing Minister Yvette Cooper insisted that the policy of building on flood plains would continue.

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