Japan accused of killing pregnant whales

This video is called Minke Whales Ireland Kinsale Co Cork.

From ShortNews:

Japan accused of hunting pregnant whales

by Kris Molle — last modified 2007-07-25 10:36

The Humane Society International (HSI) is accusing Japan that 262 of the 505 Minke whales they killed this hunting season were pregnant. According to the HSI, these figures are from Japan’s own data records.

Australia is currently fighting a court case against Japan in the Federal Court in Australia. The information gathered will be used against Japan. In taking Japan to court, it is hoped that they will make it illegal for Japan to go whaling in its Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica.

HSI spokesperson Nicola Neynon said: “These are gruesome statistics that the Japanese government dresses up as science”.

Japan admits charges: here.

Unique white humpback whale threatened by whalers: here.

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