British jazz musician Ken Colyer

This video is called Ken Colyer & The First Traditional Jazz Band.

From British daily The Morning Star:

A unique era in British jazz

(Tuesday 24 July 2007)

ALBUM: Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen – Live at the York Arts Centre 1972
(Upbeat Recordings)

WHY is it that the sound of Ken Colyer‘s Jazzmen’s records still holds true, waxed as they were such a long time ago?

Take this latest live discovery of a taped night in York in 1972. Colyer‘s admirers were legion during the 1950s and ’60s, ardent trad jazz aficionados who frequently took their precious tape recorders to his concerts and club appearances all over Britain – and almost every new year brings a newly found recording jewel.

Colyer, a Great Yarmouth native, was also the first British jazz musician to live in New Orleans.

He jumped ship there in the early ’50s after a period as a merchant seaman and stayed and played there among the city’s black and creole jazz pioneers, paying his tribute to them and developing his own Crescent City trumpet style which, when he returned to London, held a certain Delta aura and a peculiarly hybrid Norfolk-Louisiana sound.

He was also a working musician who identified with working-class people and their causes.

Those who marched towards Aldermaston would remember Colyer’s marching band adding their vibrant sound to the anti-nuclear protests.

For me, errant enough as a teenager to prefer the sounds of New Orleans jazz to those of Elvis, the Everly Brothers or Adam Faith, Colyer was my first musical hero.

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6 thoughts on “British jazz musician Ken Colyer

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    harder. But take time to do so and you’ll be rewarded from start to
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    Kevin Haynes is a multi-talented British born
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    bop modal jazz with folkloric Afro-Cuban and Nigerian rhythms, in
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    This is their third album, and it is a giant leap forward – the band
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    sharp attack on the alto, reminiscent of Jackie MacLean’s ‘Destination
    Out’ Blue Note era.

    Add to this his mastery of the bata drum and sweet but gruff lead
    vocals, and you have
    one very talented individual leading an inspiring the band.

    Luby “Slavoloco” Jovanovic – Straight No Chaser Magazine


  2. Thanks for taking the time to write about Ken. One of the most popular artists in London and a great idea for our own label at Good Music Records. I have to go produce a Ken compilation now! Thanks! Ed – The Music Man


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