‘Pre-dinosaur’ discovered in New Mexico, USA

This video is called Tribute to Eoraptor.

“Here, this about Eoraptor, one of my favorite dinosaur[s]. Eoraptor is one of oldest know dinosaurs. Song I used is “We all to blame” by Sum 41.”

From DailyIndia:

A team of researchers has found a new species referred to as a “pre-dinosaur” in Rio Arriba County, N.M., and have dated it back to 210 million years ago.

The revolutionary find, the first of its kind in North America, came last summer and ensuing studies on the fossils showed that pre-dinosaurs likely lived alongside dinosaurs for more than 15 million years, the Chicago Sun-Times said Friday.

The research group dubbed its species Dromomeron romeri, now part of the basal dinosauromorphs scientific classification.

The fossils are about the size of a dog and researchers said the animal likely was a plant-eater.

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83 thoughts on “‘Pre-dinosaur’ discovered in New Mexico, USA

  1. Thanks to the web-site owner for displaying a true history of dinosaurs. I found that fossils were discovered in the oft-painted arroyos of northern New Mexico. Article showed that dinosaurs and their non-dinosaur ancestors lived side by side for tens of millions of years, disproving the notion that dinosaurs rapidly replaced their supposedly outmoded predecessors.
    The fossils are about the size of a dog and researchers said the animal likely was a plant-eater.


  2. Its very interesting to know about the biggest animal dinosaur . Many amazing facts we can know about them.
    The life of dinosaur is quite interesting


  3. It’s amazing site to know about the Dinosaures.We can learn interesting things and we can see unknown hitherto of dinosaures by simpy sitting in front of this site.


  4. It is nice article and total article based on dinosaurs. I get interesting information to life dinosaurs. Actually I interested to know about history of dinosaurs and I want to how many species are present in the world and in India?


  5. The recent scientific review suggests that only about half of these are based on fairly complete specimens that can be shown to be unique and separate species.But the discovery of dinosaurs fossils helps science to know some information about them.


  6. Yes, priya sharma, some dinosaurs at first thought to be new species, later turn out to show diversity within one species (various subspecies; difference between old/young or male/female specimens, etc.)

    To kamal kumar: dinosaur discoveries, including in India, here.


  7. I get interesting information to life dinosaurs. Actually I interested to know about history of dinosaurs. This site plz I just want to more about this topic.


  8. Will the real dinosaurs stand up?
    By Jonathan Amos
    Science reporter, BBC News

    Best naming practice today relies on more or less complete specimens

    Most of the newly discovered dinosaurs are just that – new to science, an assessment concludes.

    With many past fossil finds named on the basis of partial remains, there has been concern that a lot of double counting has been taking place.

    Recent studies had even suggested this error rate might be as high as 50% – with some species being catalogued with several aliases.

    But the journal Biology Letters reports that modern practice is now very good.

    “My research suggests we’re getting better at naming things; we’re being more critical; we’re using better material,” said Professor Michael Benton from Bristol University, UK.

    The scientist looked at the original descriptions of all 1,047 species of dinosaurs ever named, from 1824 to the present day.

    He assessed the quality of the specimens on which the names were founded – the type specimens. Professor Benton said some 500 were genuinely distinct, and the confidence surrounding the latest discoveries – about one new species a fortnight – was now very high.

    “The bane of the dinosaurologist’s life is species that have been named on the basis of incomplete specimens,” Professor Benton explained.

    “In Victorian times, palaeontologists were keen to name new species, and in the excitement of the great ‘bone wars’ for example, from 1870 to 1890, they rushed into print with new names for every odd leg bone, tooth, or skull cap that came their way.

    “Later work, on more complete specimens, reduced more than 1,000 named dinosaurs to 500 or so.”

    Professor Benton said science had now put in place far more rigorous naming protocols, dramatically reducing the “alias problem”.

    Since 1960, the great majority of new species are founded on more or less complete specimens, sometimes even whole skeletons.

    Professor Benton has a critical interest in the topic because he studies the evolution of dinosaurs. He tries to understand how this famous animal group changed and diversified over almost 200 million years.

    “There’s no point somebody such as myself doing big statistical analyses of numbers of dinosaur species through time – or indeed any other fossil group – if you can’t be confident that they really are genuinely different,” he told BBC News.

    “This is important also for studies of modern biodiversity. People have also been looking at our current knowledge of mammals and insects and other animal groups and asking the simple question: are the species totals and lists we use for important conclusions – including to give political advice about endangered species – are they correct?

    “There’s been a big debate about vast extinctions among amphibians. We have to know what the species are first, before we can talk about that.”



  9. Its really great to get so much information about the dinosaurs.Finding the fossils of Pre dinosaurs is a great achievement to our scientist.Can anybody tel me what is the exact reason for the complete extinction of dinosaurs from this earth.


  10. The history of dinosaur’s is quiet interesting.would like to know regarding it..these species have vanished,but not there name still survive.


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  16. Hi apama, to find more about dinosaurs on this blog: click here. Then, in the search box on the right, type in the word “dinosaur” to find blog entries about dinosaurs. You can also click on the links in those entries to find earlier entries about dinosaurs.


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