Ban on GM potato in Peru

This video is called: Peru Potato Planting: Chinchero, Peru.

Newmont Mining corporation in Peru: here.

From OneWorld:

Peruvian Region Says No To GM Potato

International Institute for Environment and Development

A major region of Peru has banned genetically modified (GM) varieties of a crop that has been grown there for thousands of years and which helped to fuel the ancient Inca empire.

The Cusco regional government’s Order 010 is intended to protect the genetic diversity of thousands of native potato varieties. It forbids the sale, cultivation, use and transport of GM potatoes as well as other native food crops.

The potato originated in the highlands of South America. Peru and its Andean neighbours are the crop’s centre of diversity – with more than 4,000 distinct varieties that farmers have developed over generations.

Local farmers’ organisations fear that genes from GM potatoes could transfer into local varieties and alter their unique properties.

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Exposed: the great GM crops myth: here.

3 thoughts on “Ban on GM potato in Peru

  1. First legal GM corn planted

    Mexico: The Agriculture Department announced on Wednesday that private companies in Mexico have begun the first legal plantings of genetically modified corn.

    Environmentalists and farm groups filed an appeal with the Inter-American Human Rights Commission on the same day, arguing that the government has been unwilling or unable to halt the illicit spread of GM crops in Mexico, the birthplace of corn.

    They insist that the government shouldn’t authorise legal plantings until it investigates contamination from past, illicit biotech planting.


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