Plesiosaur discovered in the USA

This video is called fossil hunting in Dorset; in England.

It was made in Charmouth on Dorset’s ‘Jurassic Coast‘ — a world heritage site. Here you can find belemnites, ammonites preserved in pyrites, ichthyosaur and plesiosaur remains, and an abundance of other Jurassic fossils.

From Vail Daily in the USA:

ASPEN – A lucky glance at the ground has put local college student Mike Gordon in the paleontological spotlight, as it were, and may result in a major excavation to unearth a relatively rare specimen of ancient marine life.

A museum in Denver may send a team to assess whether Gordon has discovered something that could significantly add to the body of knowledge concerning life as it was in the Roaring Fork Valley region back in the time of the dinosaurs. …

“I thought it was petrified wood,” said Gordon a year later, as he proudly displayed a small storehouse of bones that experts have told him are around 90 million years old, relics of a time when an inland sea covered much of the Rocky Mountain region.

The experts at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the University of Wyoming Geological Museum told him that he’d found remnants of a seagoing reptile of the plesiosaur family, carnivores that plied the inland seas of central North America in the Cretaceous Period.

Plesiosaur found in Ireland: here.

Plesiosaur found in Canada: here.

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