Brachiosaurus and other natural history treasures in Berlin

This is a video about Brachiosaurus.

Another video, and text, about Brachiosaurus is here.

From British daily The Independent:

Giant dinosaur stars in rescued Berlin museum

By Tony Paterson in Berlin

Published: 14 July 2007

Jurassic Park came to Berlin for real yesterday. The world’s biggest dinosaur skeleton returned to the city’s natural history museum to mark the first stage of a €128m (£87m) renovation project for the war-damaged building.

Rising 43ft from the floor of the 19th-century building and almost touching the glass cupola of its main hall, the awe-inspiring 150-million-year-old skeleton of the Brachiosaurus was the star of the evolution show.

The natural history museum was ravaged by bombs during the Second World War, and had been in serious decay. Until now.

The Brachiosaurus was unearthed by German archaeologists in east Africa before the Great War and is the tallest dinosaur in any museum. It has gone on display in Berlin with the skeleton of a 150-million-year-old Archaeopteryx and five other dinosaurs’ remains that make up one of the worlds’ most significant fossil collections.

The Brachiosaurus, whose femur alone weighs 300kg, first went on display in 1937. But now it is being shown for the first time in what, according to latest research, is its authentic posture: instead of squatting on bent legs, the skeleton now stands erect with a grossly elongated neck. …

The Berlin museum’s collection of birds alone contains 130,000 specimens including 50 now mainly extinct examples collected in Hawaii during Captain Cook’s third Pacific voyage. It also houses the world’s largest collection of beetles, a million mammals and 14,000 fish.

Dinosaur eggs in India: here.

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