Scottish wildcats in danger

This video is the trailer for the nature / wildlife / current affairs documentary Last of the Scottish Wildcats.

From Wildlife Extra:

There has been much media attention recently to the plight of the tiger and other highly endangered big cat species, and rightly so. Yet one of the world’s most endangered cat species is the UK’s own Wildcat, and it is our entire fault. Recent genetic tests have shown that there are fewer than 400 true wildcats left.

For further information about Scottish Wildcats, or to find out how you can help with their predicament, go here.

Scientists: Scottish highland wildcats could be saved from extinction by cloning: here.

Two Scottish wildcat kittens have been filmed by a BBC crew: here.

Camera traps capture new Scottish wildcat sites in the Cairngorms: here.

London fur trader convicted for trading in skins of endangered cat species: here.

Ocelots in the USA: here.

Big cats video: here.

5 thoughts on “Scottish wildcats in danger

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