US creationist museum exposed by hundreds of millions years’ old fossils under it

This video from the USA is called AIG Creation Museum refuted by fossils found beneath museum.

“AIG Creation Museum built upon world famous fossil layer. Creationist dishonesty exposed.”

Not only at the fundamentalist Christian US Creation Museum, Adam is played by an actor owning a porn site; the very ground on which it is built disproves their nutcase theories of life on earth being just a few thousand years old.

According to Living the Scientific Life blog:

the Creationist museum was built upon a huge layer of Ordovician fossils, including brachiopods [see also here], trilobites, and bryozoans.

Ordovician explosion of biodiversity: here.

Bryozoans — invertebrates sometimes referred to as moss animals — were found living on the continental shelves of two Antarctic seas, the Ross and Weddell, which are around 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) apart and separated by the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: here.

Brachiopod fossils: here.

9 thoughts on “US creationist museum exposed by hundreds of millions years’ old fossils under it

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