Jewish organizations against pope on ‘anti-Semitic’ Latin mass

This is a video of French television on an anti Le Pen demonstration in Toulouse, France, 25 03 2007 .

From British weekly The Observer:

Pope’s move on Latin mass ‘a blow to Jews’

Jason Burke in Paris

Sunday July 8, 2007

Jewish leaders and community groups criticised Pope Benedict XVI strongly yesterday after the head of the Roman Catholic Church formally removed restrictions on celebrating an old form of the Latin mass which includes prayers calling for the Jews to ‘be delivered from their darkness’ and converted to Catholicism.

In a highly controversial concession to traditionalist Catholics, Pope Benedict said that he had decided to allow parish priests to celebrate the Latin Tridentine mass if a ‘stable group of faithful’ request it – though he stressed that he was in no way undoing the reforms of the Sixties Second Vatican Council which allowed the mass to be said in vernacular languages for the first time.

Those ‘traditionalist Catholics’ are often anti-Semitic and extreme Right. Like Mel Gibson and his father in Australia.

In France, the followers of the late Archbishop Lefebvre have connections to the National Front of Le Pen. Is Pope Benedict doing a move like French President Sarkozy?

Not only British, but also French Roman Catholic clergy are unhappy with the pope’s decision in this.

The sixteenth century Tridentine mass speaks about ‘faithless Jews’. One should never talk like that; certainly not in a text, elevated by church authority to being a ‘sacred’ text.

15 thoughts on “Jewish organizations against pope on ‘anti-Semitic’ Latin mass

  1. Much ado about nothing. The prayer was removed from the Latin Mass in the 1950’s, five decades ago. Folks are just spouting off without doing the homework and actually reading anything factual. Folks want to believe the hearsay and myths.

    Regarding the “faithless Jews” of the 16th Century liturgy. What do those words actually mean to Catholics? Its not the anti-semetic remark that less informed foks take the words to be.

    God bless…


  2. Hi Timothy, if it really would be “much ado about nothing”, why would high ranking Roman Catholic clergy in Britain, France, and elsewhere then disagree?? Certainly not because of “hearsay and myths”. Neither would the Jewish organizations.

    It’s extremely hard to see the sentence “faithless Jews” as anything other than anti Jewish.


  3. In 1959 John XXIII deleted the word “perfidious” from the Good Friday prayer of 1570. The Roman Missal adopted by Pope Paul VI in 1969, and put into effect in 1970, reformulated the prayer. It reads: “Let us pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the word of God, that they may continue to grow in the love of his name and in faithfulness to his covenant.”


  4. Hi Francis Patrick, these were indeed changes in the late 1950s and 1960s. However, as the entry says, now not only Jewish organizations, but also Roman Catholic clergy, fear the consequences of turning back the clock now, with “prayers calling for the Jews to ‘be delivered from their darkness’ and converted to Catholicism.”


  5. Well, we should be praying for the Jew regaurdless of what it was. So what if whatever is there or isn’t there in the prayer at the mass offends them? It’ll do them some good. This whole issue of people arguing back and forth is ridicuolous. My theory of the reason why this entire argument is going on is because people want a mass that will not be a burden to their lives as much. That’s why liberals do not want to see anything with the Tridentine Mass to reappear in this world. They want “simple” lives like Protestant services. However, for Protestants, out of all the other religions in the history of this world, Protestant churches do not offer a sacrifice to God. They teach about God in their sermons but they do not worship Him. That’s what the Catholic Church is starting to become. The demand of the people has become more important of what the Church should be doing, not what the people want to do. This is NOT a Democracy! What a heresy!


  6. Look, let by gones be by gones. That is not the issue anymore. The main and only issue today is that the Jews still hold true of their savior is still yet to come – in which our Savior has already came. The Jews think that we Catholics are “ignorant”, I suppose, by praying for them so that a miracle can happen so that they can realize this.

    You are totally unconvincing me. And by the way, studying from Ecclesiology, most of all thoes action that were done by the Catholic Church in the past were mostly because of harrasment from the Jews.


  7. Quote: “And by the way, studying from Ecclesiology, most of all thoes action that were done by the Catholic Church in the past were mostly because of harrasment from the Jews.” Oi veh, really?! While from the 4th century on, the church had the numbers, state power etc. on its side during persecutions of Jews; so the Jews were hardly in a position to “harrass” the church? I surely hope you are not a believer in the old “blood libel” lies, however, I am becoming a bit afraid of that …

    “let by gones be by gones” would be a stronger argument if the clock would now not be turned back to the controversial Tridentine mass, against the will of many prominent Roman catholics.


  8. You want to bet that there was no friction between the Church and the Jews? Of course we had everything back then. I was because because people realized that we were the one True Church founded by Jesus Christ. Simple things that convinced them that this was the one True Church – many miracles to prove itself. Unfortunatley, many people cannot see that light.

    You are talking out of your ass, my friend. The Tridentine Rite is one thing that cannot be abandoned. Many “prominent” Catholic I think you’re thinking of thoes of liberal view points which in my eyes is very controversial. The reason why the mass was changed in the first place was in order to make the mass more “Protestant” in order to make friends with other religions. This was VERY wrong to do. Our “friends” from other religions are NOT our “friends”. They ARE in schism because of their religions connected from heresy.


  9. I see that you no longer repeat your historically ridiculous point about the Jews’supposed “harassment” of the Roman Catholic church which they were hardly in a position of power for.

    You are insulting the memories of popes like John XXIII and Paul VI; as well as the Eastern Orthodox and Protestant churches.

    By the way, it would do you no harm to learn some English language spelling and grammar. Quote: “thoes of liberal view points which in my eyes is very controversial.” It is “those”, not “thoes”. Viewpoints is one word. It is also a pluralis, meaning that they “is” not “controversial”, but “are”.


  10. You’re damn right I am insulting their memory. They made a big mistake of not explaining that entire council further.

    What the hell does typos have to do with anything? It seems to me that you’re the type of person who will bitch and complain about everything and anything. You’d bitch and complain if you didn’t have anything to bitch and complain about. That’s why you’re now talking about stupid shit and going off topic, dumbass.


  11. Hi Mark, so the doctrine of infallibility of popes is suddenly cast away if those popes disagree with you?

    Good that you have shown on the Internet that you are basically intellectually incapable of winning an argument by reason, and therefore resort to swear words and insults. This is typical for most Jew baiters.


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