Diary of a teenager murdered at Auschwitz

This video is about Anne Frank.

From British daily The Morning Star:

A triumph of the spirit

(Sunday 08 July 2007)

The Diary of Petr Ginz edited by Chava Pressburger
(Atlantic Books, £16.99)

KARL DALLAS reads the extraordinary diaries of tragic Czech teenager Petr Ginz, who was killed by the nazis in an Auschwitz gas chamber.

THIS is an inspiring and terrible story – the secret writings of a 16-year-old Jewish Czech boy who died in an Auschwitz gas chamber in 1944.

There are many analogues, many comparisons, of which the most obvious is the Diary of Anne Frank, which is similar in its adolescent reaction against a world grown brutal and ugly and in its totally non-rhetorical refusal to be ground down by events beyond control.

But, while acknowledging these universal constants of survival, it is important to look into what makes each individual testimony significant in human terms.

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