Again, NATO kills many Afghan civilians

This video is about Afghan civilian deaths.

From Reuters:

Airstrikes kill scores of Afghan civilians-officials

Sat Jul 7, 2007 2:16PM BST

By Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL, July 7 – NATO and U.S. airstrikes have killed scores of Afghan civilians this week, residents and officials said on Saturday, deaths likely to deepen discontent with foreign forces and the Western-backed Afghan government.

NATO-led and U.S. forces said there were heavy clashes in Farah province in western Afghanistan and Kunar province in the east, and that troops in both places had called for air support.

Several residents and the head of a district council in Farah said an air attack in the Bala Boluk area had killed 108 civilians.

“Women and children have been killed and 13 houses destroyed,” said Bala Boluk council head Haji Khudairam. “In the bombing, in total, 108 civilians have been killed.”

“We are asking the government to send a delegation to see for itself the civilian deaths,” said Faizullah, a resident.

From Afghan news agency Ariana:

KANDAHAR – NATO should put on trial a soldier who fired at civilians, resulting in the deaths of two and wounding of four in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar city, a senior provincial official said on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Again, NATO kills many Afghan civilians

  1. Afghan Official Says 27 Civilians Killed In NATO Strikes []

    7/11/2007 7:09:52 AM The provincial governor of Kunar region has said that a local probe has found 27 civilians were killed in NATO-led air strikes in northeast Afghanistan.

    Governor Shalizai Didar, citing the findings of his local government investigations said that the villagers were killed during last week’s NATO air strikes in Kunar province that targeted suspected militants at a funeral and a house.


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