US Women Soldiers Back from Iraq Suffering Mental Health Problems

Video “of war crimes committed by the Bush regime in Iraq”.

From Associated Press:

CHICAGO — The nightmares didn’t start until months after Alicia Flores returned home. The images were stark and disturbing: In one dream, a dying Iraqi man desperately grabbed her arm. In another, she was lost in a blinding sandstorm.

Sometimes, Flores awakened to discover her mouth was dust-dry — as if she were really stumbling through the scorching, 120-degree desert.

The nightmares bring Flores back to Iraq, and her service in the Army’s 92nd Chemical Company.

She was just 19 when her unit arrived there. Now 23, she’s left with memories of women and children being killed, of hauling bodies, of shooting a teenage Iraqi fighter. (“It was him or me,” she says.)

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6 thoughts on “US Women Soldiers Back from Iraq Suffering Mental Health Problems

  1. Toma Hamid

    In a sheer act of terrorism, the US forces backed by the Iraqi National Guards
    attacked the home of Abd-alhussein Saddam, the head of the Iraq Freedom
    Congress¢s Safety Force at 3.00 AM on July4, 2007 in Awaytha, a district of
    Baghdad. Mr. Saddam who was seriously injured in this attack was taken hostage
    and later his body was handed to a local morgue by the American forces who
    claimed that they found the body on the road to Baghdad airport accusing unknown
    terrorists for his death.
    Mr. Saddam¢s 18 year old daughter was also injured in this terrorist act. All
    who knew about the attack and before Mr. Saddam¢s body was handed in thought
    that the occupation would justify this act by accusing Mr. Saddam of terrorism,
    but the American forces knew how difficult this task would be, therefore they
    have chosen to deny any responsibility. Awaytha, were Abd-hussein Saddam lived
    was the most peaceful and safe district in the whole city of Baghdad. On the
    other hand it is very difficult to ignore the role of Safety Force in bringing
    peace to many neighborhoods in Baghdad and saving citizens from terrorism leave
    alone accusing it of terrorism.
    This attack was part of a campaign by the occupation against Iraq Freedom
    Congress after they started feeling the pressure of this secular organization
    fighting to end the occupation and sectarian violence and for a secular and non
    ethnocentric government in Iraq. The occupation was in particular angered by the
    IFC¢s campaign against the so-called Iraq Oil Law designed to plunder the Iraqi
    oil and hand it to international oil companies. This pressure on the occupation
    mounted after the IFC¢s SANA satellite TV recently started broadcasting. These
    forces have lately raided and destroyed offices of IFC and detained its members
    in an attempt to bring a halt to the struggle of this progressive organization.
    The occupation is mindful of the fact that he IFC as a force fighting against
    the occupation and its crimes, its so-called political process, its puppet
    government and all sectarian and ethnocentric militia has started attracting the
    attention of people in Iraq. It has started emerging as a powerful secular
    force, which offers a way out of this disastrous situation in Iraq. The IFC has
    made clear that the fist step to achieve this alternative is by ending the
    occupation. Therefore, the occupation will do all it can to stop this
    organization from growing.
    The last group the occupation and its puppet government will tolerate is a
    secular force like the Iraq Freedom Congress. A secular organization fighting
    for restoring security, and peace and against all forms of terrorism being
    committed by the occupation and the militia loyal to it or by anti-occupation
    forces is what the occupation fears the most. The occupation will rather prefer
    an enemy embroiled in terrorism and crimes comparable to those committed by its

    On the other hand this terrorist act is indicative of the sense of failure and
    defeat among the occupation forces. They hardly pay any attention anymore to the
    opinion of people in Iraq or worldwide. They are now ready to commit any crime
    regardless of the repercussions.
    The aim of the occupation from this terrorist act was to silence this secular
    force. This operation is to scare people from joining IFC. The campaign against
    the IFC will not end here. Therefore it is important that we stand against it,
    hold them responsible for killing Abd-hussein Saddam and prevent them from
    targeting the rest of the IFC¢s leadership. The Iraq Freedom Congress is the
    only hope for people of Iraq. Therefore, all progressive people across the world
    should stand behind the IFC and launch a campaign to expose this act of
    terrorism and stop the occupation terrorism against secular forces in Iraq. .


  2. Hi Jon, thanks for this interesting contribution! Good that your cousin did not go to Iraq, or he might now have problems like Alicia Flores, or worse. All best wishes to him, and you!


  3. Hi Kitty, You might remember that we first ‘met’ when you quoted an article from my old blog. The piece was about my cousin, Michael. He was, and is, an infantry sergeant in the US army. At the time, I was happy to get the news that Michael was not being deployed to Iraq. Michael has chosen to remain in the military. Since that initial change of orders, he has been given orders for Iraq twice more. Both times they were later changed. He is now assigned to a domestic research unit and is on permanent non-deployable status.

    Michael is not political. He wanted a career in the army because he was a working class youth who needed a job.

    He came to visit me this weekend, and we talked a bit about the war. I showed him Immortal Technique’s video for the song ‘The Fourth Branch of the Government’:

    I asked him what he thought of it. He said that he is scared of going to Iraq because, “it’s a shooting gallery over there.” He said that soldier’s behavior is governed by peer pressure, rather than morality or the rules of engagement. “If the guys around you decide to kill some people, you’d better go along with them.” He is afraid that he will do something that he will regret for the rest of his life. He seemed to feel that the soldiers were deciding their behavior in the field.

    I tried to point out that his commanders are very much aware of what the soldiers are doing. As in Vietnam, they can not state their policy, but they give tacit support to a program of indiscriminate terrorism against the entire population.

    We ended up changing the subject. He was actually in town for a family reunion on his father’s side of the family. The reunion was partly a send off for another family member who is leaving for Iraq.


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