Mynas from India breed in Dubai

Pied starling

From Good Animal News:

Subcontinent bird finds a nesting place in desert

Published: July 6, 2007

Dubai: A large nesting colony of Bank Myna, a variety of the common Myna or Pied Starling, has been spotted off Al Warsan. It is known as one of the largest breeding grounds of the bird in the country.

“The nests were spotted in a desert area, off the Dubai Municipality’s Sewage Treatment Plant in Al Warsan,” said Dr Reza Khan, head of Dubai Zoo. He said Myna is a resident bird of the Subcontinent.

Dr Khan said the bird was introduced to the UAE by some specimens that escaped from pet shops and bird owners in the late 1980s and early 1990s when visitors from India brought cages full of exotic birds.

The Al Warsan nests are far bigger than those he noticed in a residential building near Al Wasl in late 1990s.

4 thoughts on “Mynas from India breed in Dubai

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    Dubai Industrial City has successfully completed a comprehensive relocation programme, involving the transfer of more than 900 wildlife species from the project site of the largest industrial destination in Dubai.

    The relocation operation took place ahead of the beginning of construction work across the six industrial zones of Dubai Industrial City.

    The operation included the capture and relocation of endangered species like gazelles, cape hares, and various types of reptiles such as Arabian toad, Arabian sand gecko, sand lizards, as well as grey monitors. All captured animals were relocated to Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve, a dedicated Dubai Government animal reserve mandated to protect wildlife.


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