UK transport workers nearly unanimously say troops out of Iraq now

This video from the USA is called Pentagon Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg on Wikileaks Iraq War Docs (Part 1 of 2).

And this video is the sequel.

From British daily News Line, on the Transport and General Workers Union:

THE TGWU conference yesterday passed Composite Motion 29 with just one delegate voting against it.

This called ‘for the immediate withdrawal of UK troops from Iraq, in order to comply with the United Nations call for the withdrawal of occupation forces by December 2005.’

Moving Motion 29, Daniel Murphy, Region Three (Ireland), said: ‘Hundreds of millions have been spent in Iraq on this illegal war.

‘Hundreds of millions that could have been spent on hospitals or schools.’

He added: ‘The troops out movement showed up the Iraq war for what it is – an aggressive grab for oil.’

Seconding the motion, Alan Birch, Region One (south east England), spoke on the issue of mercenaries.

He said: ‘48,000 mercenaries are employed in Iraq alone.

‘We need tough legislation to ban the use of these mercenaries.

‘We have to put more pressure on our sponsored MPs.’

Iraqi oil law: here.

Video on Iraqi oil law: here.

2 thoughts on “UK transport workers nearly unanimously say troops out of Iraq now

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