Internet game on paedophile priests

This video from the USA is called Boston Clergy Abuse Scandal – Geoghan Documents Released. It says about itself:

In January 2002, the Boston Globe published troves of once secret documents surrounding the case of notorious Boston pedophile priest John Geoghan. News reporters and the public react with dismay amidst further calls for resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law. News report by David Boeri of WCVB TV Channel 5 in Boston.

The Italian Internet game makers Molleindustria have a new game, on the scandal of paedophile priests in the Roman Catholic church, and attempts by the church hierarchy to keep the lid on this.

In the game, the mission of you as a player is to help the church leadership to hush up the scandal.

You can play the game, in English, here.

7 thoughts on “Internet game on paedophile priests

  1. see…please note Bishop McCormack
    connection to Fr. Shandley’s presentation before NAMBLA,
    the North American Man Boy Love Association, whose motto is
    “no sex by eight, and it is too late.”

    Please note President Bush pardoned the pope for his involvement
    in moving abusing priests in Texas, under his then title
    Cardinal Ratzinger.

    Please note the leader of Legionaires of Christ was accused
    od sexually abusing boys….His Legionaires of Christ facilities bring in foreign boys
    ….John Walsh is Catholic…half the FBI must be Catholic..

    Please note the Roman Catholic Church is a seperate state..
    and it is allowed to have lobbyists in Concord, NH..

    The likelihood NAMBLA has infiltrated this state’s government
    is very real…

    Please pray for NH Catholic boys…


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