Rare albatross in Britain

The text with this video says: “Off South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope in the dead of night, he crashed into our ship and was stranded until the next day — when Anthropologist Mike Moffatt and Ornithologist Janet Williams gave him a boost back out to sea. Yellow-Nosed Albatross: Diomedia chlorohynchos.”

From the BBC:

Rare bird makes Somerset landing

An albatross, found on a Somerset beach by a walker, has been released after a check-up by animal rescuers.

The bird, believed to be either a yellow-nosed or black-browed albatross, was discovered, apparently uninjured, on the beach at Brean on Friday.

After a once over by staff at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre, near Burnham-On-Sea, it was released from a cliff top on Saturday afternoon.

The centre said it had been years since an albatross was seen in the county.

Bird count in Britain: here.

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