Catholic church split feared as Pope backs return of ‘anti-Semitic’ Latin Mass

Tridentine mass

From The Independent in Britain:

Church split feared as Pope backs return of ‘anti-Semitic’ Latin Mass

By Ian Herbert

Published: 30 June 2007

A plan by the Pope to authorise the widespread return of the controversial Latin Mass, despite concerns that parts of it are anti-Semitic, has provoked a backlash among senior clergy in Britain and threatens to divide the Catholic Church worldwide. The 16th-century Tridentine Mass – which includes references to “perfidious” Jews – was abandoned in 1969 and replaced with liturgy in local languages, to make worship more accessible to the bulk of churchgoers. But the Pope announced on Thursday that a long-awaited document liberalising the use of the Mass, which some clergy fear will also limit the Church’s dialogue with Jews and Muslims, will be released next week.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, has written to the Pope to say that no changes are needed. Concerns about the prospect of the introduction of the Mass were also underlined on Thursday at an unusual meeting to underline resistance to it.


5 thoughts on “Catholic church split feared as Pope backs return of ‘anti-Semitic’ Latin Mass

  1. It is about time that someone is speaking up and bringing back the most appropriate way the worship. Thank God it’s our own Pope.


  2. Hi Mark, you do not explain why this is supposedly “the most appropriate way the worship”. Including parts like describing Jews as “perfidious” in the Tridentine mass? I surely hope not. Neither do many Roman Catholic clergy, including archbishops.


  3. In the Catholic Church, the Tridentine Rite is the most appropriate way of worship, because it is not only offering up a sacrifice to God, but how the sacrifice is handled is most important. During transubstantiation, especially, the Blessed Sacrament should be handled in the most appropriate way. The most humane way to be most proper in this world (that I’ve seen) is by singing Gregorian Chant and by following certain strict rules on how to handle the Blessed Sacrament. In the “New Rite” there are guidlines to follow, but it’s not as reverant. You have to compare and contrast. Plus, so many people, including clergy, were and are confused on what most of the text in Vatican II meant so I’m sure most of them followed what they wanted to do. There was something about the Tridentine Rite that really brought the miracle in the mass. Everyone knew what to expect.

    COMMENT on this by Administrator (put here because of software quirk): The controversy basically is not about Latin or another language for mass. It is the point of anti Jewish traditions within the Roman Catholic church, which popes like John XXIII and Paul VI tried to end by no more having the Tridentine mass as a rule.

    Here, you don’t react to this point about Jews. However, in another thread, you do; unfortunately in a not really reassuring way.


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